07 lipiec, 2015

wystawa fotografii Mario Testino "In Your Face" w Berlinie

I've usually thought out the whole process in my head before a shoot begins. When I arrive, I keep on refining that process by talking to everyone involved in the shoot, from the hairdresser to the technicians. Of course, I have to break the ice with the person I'm photographing to get an idea of what might be possible. Once the shoot begins, I try to make the image perfect - and then I break down that perfection. I have to find a way to destroy the image because I always need to find that unique moment, not the perfect one. What makes a photograph is a contradiction. 

I'm not so interested in the camera as a tool. For me, the camera has always been a means to an end. If I wanted a loose image, I chose a lighter one. If I wanted a composed image, I used a larger one on a tripod. For a long time, I relied on daylight because I didn't want to be preoccupied by all technicalities of artificial lighting. Today, I rely on my assistants for technical issues so I can concentrate fully on the people being photographed. I never fetishized any of my cameras because the subjects are more important and memorable to me than the equipment. I consider every camera to be an extension of my eye, not my hand - I still like to shoot without a tripod and, on some occasions, without looking through the lens.
Mario Testino 

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