26 listopad, 2013

uroczyste otwarcie mojej wystawy The Beauty and The Breast w Parlamencie Europejskim w Brukseli

Treść mojego przemówienia otwierającego wystawę The Beauty and The Breast w Parlamencie Europejskim: 

I never start taking photographs until I am sure I can see the special sparkle everybody carries inside and which reflects in everybody's eyes. 
What was important for me as for the photographer while taking all these photographs? Before each photoshooting I was drinking coffee with all of these women, we talked and I could hear the story of their whole lives: husbands, children,  weddings and divorces, common joys and sorrows and of course about fighting the cancer. It was because of such sincere confessions and our long conversations over the coffee that I was actually able to take these photographs. That is why each photograph reflects a real woman with her whole life - a woman who is a real life survivor. I hope you can all see this also in my photographs. Thank you.  

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